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Welcome to England's North East, a site dedicated to Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear and the Tees Valley. Our aim is to become the foremost independent regional portal for North East England.

We want to promote North East business, culture and talent through this site as well as through our associated social media pages. This will be brought to life using our unique regional knowledge to raise the profile of everything North East. 

To begin, we are promoting the wonderful heritage of this region through its eventful history - the natural starting point - and through its unique culture. Every person, every place, every region is shaped by history and it's our history that makes us what we are today. Our pages hope to demonstrate that North East England is a special, vibrant and often beautiful place with a unique story to tell. 

We aim to promote all aspects of North East culture including events, festivals and local talent. We wish to show you the best places to eat and drink and explore all the best things to do. New sections will be added over time exploring the cultural life and prospering business community of the region and we aim to show the best that the region has to offer in all walks of life. We are open to suggestions about what to include and we can do this independently, free of local politics, government or geographical boundaries.

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You can search this site in a number of ways. To go to the history of a particular part of the region use the drop down menus at the top or select a locality on the North East history map. To search for something specific on the history site use the search box feature at the foot of the page.

New content is constantly being added to all parts of the site, so if one area or locality seems to have less coverage than others it's probably because there's still more to come. Feedback, content suggestions, corrections or simply hearing a story is always welcomed here. Contact details are at the foot of the page.


Bamburgh Castle : David Simpson

The North East was the northern frontier of the Roman Empire and the heartland of the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria. It was the land most deeply entrenched in the border struggles with Scotland with a legacy of magnificent castles, fortified towers and a World Heritage Cathedral. 

In later centuries parts of the region became a land of coal and industry focused on the three great rivers of Tyne, Wear and Tees, each of which has its own distinct identity and rich industrial heritage. Today the rivers are a setting for a mixture of industry, 21st century enterprise and impressive, often inspiring, cultural developments.

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If you live in the North East I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about the place in which you live or those areas closest to you.

If you don't live here then hopefully you'll nurture a desire to come along and visit. Go on, give it a go its well worth it. There are lots of wonderful places to see, so come along, enjoy the journey and be inspired. If you want to learn the language before you come try out our popular Geordie Dictionary, you will find it here.

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